Common Cake Ball FAQs

  • What are cake balls?

Cake balls are home made cakey item which are prepared by baking cake, grinding it, mixing the frosting with the crumb and rolling into balls and finally immersing the balls in chocolate coating.

  • From which the ingredients cake balls are prepared?

Three main ingredients are used: Cake mix, chocolate frosting and chocolate flavored confectioners coating, Sprinkles for decoration (additional), lollypop sticks etc.

  • How much time is needed for baking the cake balls?

It takes 40 minutes for preparation, cooking time is about 30 minutes, and total 1 hour and 10 minute is needed.

  • What equipments are needed for baking the cake balls?

Cake sheet pan, hand mixer, balers, cookie sheet, plastic container, freezer, oven, microwave or saucepan, fork and spatula etc.

  • How do you decorate cake balls?

You can use colorful wafers, sprinkles, candies and other fancy decorative material to decorate your cake balls.

  • What size are the cake balls?

The cake balls are of more or less like the size of a golf ball, about 1.5” in diameter.

  • Why do the cake balls look “doughy” inside?

After cooking cake balls fully they are blended with delicious icing to create moist consistency inside.

  • How do I store the cake balls? How long do they last?

The confectionery chocolate coating enables cake balls to be stored finely at room temperature for up to five days. Besides you can also preserve them in air tight container in the refrigerator. Due to freezing taste doesn’t change but long freezing can make chocolate coating sticky.

  • How can I color my white candy coating?

You can use powdered icing color as well as regular icing gel color. Besides oil based colors are also good choice.

  • I find cake balls too sweet. Is there something I can use besides frosting?

You can use various binders to stick the cake crumbs together like peanut butter, lemon pie filling, cream cheese, pudding, semisweet ganache, mayonnaise, sour cream, jam, jellies etc.

  • Can I use scratch instead of a cake mix?

Of course you can! In fact it will save you time and it’s a good way to utilize your leftovers.

  • How far in advance can I make them?

If you wish you can make cake balls one month in advance. Once chocolate coating is hard it is free from the risk of cracking the coating due to freezing for at least one month. In case of serving frozen cake balls you have to defrost then at least 24 hour before serving in order to avoid sweating. But it is recommended to make them in advance not more than one week and keep in the freezer.

  • Why sometimes sticks get yellow and oily?

If you use too much fat in your cake mix it will soak into the sticks over time and makes them yellow. In such case use less frosting next time.

  • Can I use something besides chocolate or candy coating for dipping?

If you don’t like chocolate coating you can use other candy coating especially royal icing which is very unique and gives a comparatively thin layer as it dries hard.

  • What size sticks are used and where can I find them?

The most commonly used sticks are about 4” long but you have the freedom to use sticks of any length. These are commercially available at various craft stores like Amazon (Wilton 6-Inch Cookie Sticks Mega Pack, 60-Count) as well as in various candy and cake supply stores.

  • Is it necessary to use a food processor to crumble the cake?

It’s not compulsory but when cake has some dry edges then you can use it as it gives uniform crumbs easily mixable with the frosting. But you can also use your hand as well.

  • Why is my chocolate cracking?

It may be cue to overheating the chocolate before dipping or freezing the cake balls very long before dipping in the coating.

  • My chocolate is too thick to dip. What can I do?

You can stir chocolate in canola or vegetable oil until you get the desired consistency. Avoid overheating the chocolate when melting it.

  • Why are my cake balls falling off the sticks?

The first reason may be you have used too much frosting. So next time use less. Another way to avoid this problem is to make sure the cake balls are cold before dipping. The third thing is dip the sticks into the chocolate before inserting them into the cake balls. it is necessary for the adherence of the balls to the sticks.