How to make Cake Balls!

At birthday party or wedding shower, Christmas party or evening tea party whatever the occasion is cake balls spiked with booze or decorated with swirls, sprinkles as well as nuts are loved by not only the children but also the adults.  It has an awesome taste as well it’s making process is very easy and great fun. So no doubt that everybody will be amazed with it’s taste. All that you have to do is bake the cake, grind it, mix the frosting with the crumb and roll into balls and finally immerse the balls in chocolate. You can make cake pops and use lollipop sticks to hold them as well as can use your hand to eat them. By attempting various types of frosting and coating you can generate unlimited variations. Isn’t cool?

In order to make cake balls you need three main things that are cake, frosting and coating.

You can make your cake by yourself or find the pre-packaged cake crumb available in markets. As coating you can choose any sweet and easy melting chocolate.  You can use bark coating as well as colorful little confectionary wafers.

If you want to make the cake yourself do it in the usual way that you follow. You can use any type of cake sheet pan because the shape doesn’t matter as you are going to crumble it after baking. After the cake has baked give some time to make it little bit cool but it should be slightly hot before you grind it.  Firstly use your hand to crumble it and then you can use hand mixer for further mixing.

In the next step add frosting the crumb and make a paste. The amount of the frosting will be based on the amount of your crumb and ensure that it doesn’t look dry. But if you want to make more cakey cake balls in that case you have the freedom to add less frosting. After mixing let the paste to be chilled for some time because in warm state they will crumble into bits instead of roll out into balls. For chilling you can keep the mixture into freezer for about 15minutes. To make balls you can use your hands or now various balers are available in market. Make the size of the balls as your wish but 1 to 1.5 inches is most suitable. Then wrap the balls with cookie sheets or keep in plastic container and place in the freezer for at least 6 hour to make them hard enough to dip in the melted chocolate.

The final step is to coat the balls with the liquid chocolate. You can use various instruments like microwave, saucepan as well as double broiler to melt bark coating. You can use fork and spatula to coat you cake balls which is the simplest way. Just hold the fork in your one hand and spatula in another hand. Dip the balls in the melted chocolate and by using fork and spatula ensure that all the surfaces have covered. Using the fork lift up the ball from the chocolate coating and let the extra coating drip off.

After coating you can decorate your cake balls with various fancy decorative materials or sprinkles and make them lovely!

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