How to Make Cake Pops

Cake pops are very delightful as well as amazing food item that will definitely entertain you and your child. Cake pops are mainly small smashed balls of cake containing frosting. You can easily make them from your birthday or party cake scratches. You can make these cute and delicious cake pops very quickly to impress your near and dear ones. All that you have to do are just bake a cake in usual way, crumble it and mix with frosting to hold it and finally roll into little balls. Additional decoration of the balls depends on your choice. To make it you don’t need too many ingredients as you will find most of the ingredients in your kitchen already. Besides you also have the option of showing your creativity as you can create variation in making cake pops. Making yummy cute cake pops is a very good way to utilize your leftover cake. They have an outer chocolate or toffee shell which is moist and a soft inner core which will melt in your mouth and captivate you with it’s indulging taste. They are sweet but not too sweet to make uncomfortable. In this modern busy life you can comfortably prepare these very cool cake pops using ready made cake mix and canned frosting.

In order to make cake pops you will need lollipop sticks, chocolate chips, white chocolate barks, colored sugar, candies, decorative sprinkles, edible wax (optional). You will find all the ingredients in your nearby super shop.

As a starter take a medium sized cake of any kind. If you fond of chocolate of vanilla flavor then take these cakes. Even you can also use black forest cake. Then your job is to prepare cake pan for baking covered by parchment paper. Pour the cake mix into the cake pan and bake in the preheated oven for at least 25 to 30 minutes. After baking let it be cool for sometimes and when it is little bit warm crumb it.

Now you have to blend cake crumb with frosting. You can choose different type of frosting on the basis of your personal preference and taste. Butter as well as margarine whipped with powdered sugar containing small amount of cornstarch as it gives appropriate consistency can be used. Similarly butter cream frosting also serves the same purpose. You have also the opportunity to use cooked frosting. Some people prefer to use icing as frosting which is usually used to decorate cakes.

Now mix the cake crumb and frosting thoroughly and roll into small round balls. Keep them in the freezer for sometime to make them stable. Then you have to make the covering of the balls. You can use any kind of chocolates like white chocolate or caramel chocolate as well as others. Beside use of toffees or hard sugar boiled confectionary will give a new dimension to the taste of your lovely cake pops. Take your preferred covering into a double wall saucepan and heat it with low flame otherwise chocolate may be charred. Insert lollipop sticks in each cake balls and dip it into the melted chocolate covering. Keep it at room temperature for sometime for cooling. Don’t keep them in refrigerator as it may crack their coating. Now your delicious cake pops are ready to be served!!

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